We just posted two papers to the arXiv:

arXiv:1212.1722 Mirror symmetry and Fano manifolds (Coates, Corti, Galkin, Golyshev, Kasprzyk).  This announces our program.

arXiv:1212.1785 Minkowski polynomials and mutations (Akhtar, Coates, Galkin, Kasprzyk).  This gives a very clean and satisfactory explanation of why a 3-dimensional Fano manifold will in general have many different Minkowski polynomials as mirrors.

The ordering of the 165 period sequences in the second paper is not the same the one in this blog’s  page “3d Minkowski period sequences”

In the new scheme period sequences are ordered lexicographically

Update: the correspondence between smooth Fano 3-folds and period sequences (with the new ids) is here.  We will sort out the rest of the blog shortly.

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